Akaeda Flame Books

The Book

I am broken. I have Magic. I had no hope. Until I found him.

where she hopes to compete for the title of World Champion. But an ancient evil is beginning to resurface. Raveler Venomstrike reappears from the depths of once thought death, beginning a process that can unveil an evil so great that it could send the world straight back to the ages of the Mage Wars. In between competing and learning about the evil that walks in their path, Raven finds herself facing a choice she never had before, reunited with a friend that sparks something in her heart that she assumed didn’t exist. Will Raven give in to the love her old friend has brought? Or will she stand aside and let this once in a lifetime chance escape her completely?


You can buy the book in the UK or an autographed copy using Paypal.

Raven Firewing – Combat Mage – Second Black Robe was never the same after the accident. She is lucky she can use her Magic at all, much less to defend herself against the monsters that inhabit the world and the competitors she is lined up against in her own Academy and the World Championships– a tournament stationed in Phoenix, Arizona


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